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Reindeer In Here: A Christmas Friend (2 Pack)

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Perfect for families with more than 1 child! Get 2 Sets at a discounted rate.

Reindeer In Here is a marvellous way to enliven the holidays with an enduring family tradition. The fun begins the moment this cute, cuddly plush reindeer arrives weeks before Christmas, the first gift of the holiday season! Included is a storybook that tells the charming tale of how this adorable reindeer's early arrival came to pass. Children excitedly pore over the pages, discovering endearing details about their newfound companion, whose small physical stature and mismatched antlers stand out from the rest of the pack. In the process, kids learn to honour and appreciate their own and others' uniqueness. The story encourages kids to take their reindeer with them everywhere they go so that their furry friend can report back to Santa each night, all in service of tailoring the Christmas holiday to each child's unique qualities, circumstances, and needs! Reindeer In Here enhances holiday fun while instilling in youngsters feelings of love, acceptance, and continuous good cheer!


- 2 Box Sets 
- Suitable for ages 3 Years and older
- Dimensions:26cm x 28cm x 28cm
- Weight: 700g
- Warranty: 12 Months

Wash thoroughly before initial use and after each use. Dishwasher-safe or hand wash in warm, soapy water. Do not microwave. May be boiled or sterilized.
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